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CI-Community workshop

Integrating interactive working formats into change processes yourself

ARV Group regularly invites CI-facilitators from a number of food companies to meet and share their knowledge and experiences in the field of Change Management and Continuous Improvement. On Thursday, March 8, 2018, the members of this CI-Community applied themselves to the question: “How and when does one apply interactive working formats in the course of change processes?” 

The premises used in the workshop were the business objectives of the participants and the situation of their team and the process. Team dynamics, mutual relations and the various forms for intervention and interaction in facilitating successful change processes were also dealt with. 

In order to achieve behavioral change, you can of course couch a message in the form of an e-mail, an app, a Powerpoint presentation or a verbal explanation. But if you decide to go for an interactive working format, you will boost both the recipients’’ involvement and your impact on the desired behavior. This will make teams or cooperative ventures more effective, resulting in positive achievements and business results. The workshop went on to examine the application of interactive working formats, and consisted of three parts: 

  • De Lean Game
    During this practice-oriented game, the participants experienced the power of real teamwork. The Lean principles, including Pull and the elimination of the eight wastes, were discussed. The participants also discovered answers to questions such as: what makes us involved and motivated in the course of this game and aware of opportunities we can then translate into day-to-day practice?
  • Praktisch denkkader
    Which interactive working formats fit which objective and which situation, and which ones fit you as CI-facilitator? A practical conceptual framework for determining this was presented, and several concrete examples of interactive working formats were shared.
  • Zelf bedenken van geschikte interactieve werkvormen
    The CI-facilitators then went on to apply these insights to their own operational situation. On the basis of their business objective and a structured analysis, they came up with the best interactive working format to influence the situation and the behavior of their colleagues.

The participants reported that they found the workshop to be educational, practically applicable and inspiring. And even more important: they were immediately eager to apply their newly-won knowledge and experience in their own day-to-day situation!

Would you like to be a part of the exchange of knowledge and experience, and develop your own capabilities in the field of Change Management and Continuous Improvement? Please feel free to contact Martijn Cazemier.

Publish date 11 April 2018