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Please meet: Matthijs Plat

"Helping people to take a few steps in the right direction, and in so doing, improving their processes – that’s what drives me."

To enable people to do things that they never thought they could do. By giving them a vote of confidence and offering support, you give them the opportunity to develop themselves. That’s something I really believe in. 

The best improvement proposals can come from any level of the organization. My contribution is to bring those ideas together and to make certain they are supported with data, so that it is possible to assess them on their merits.

What I enjoy doing above all is getting management, team leaders, and operators to all work together as one great team. This can be achieved by meeting with management and allowing the participants to bounce ideas off each other, by offering leadership trainings or other sorts of training, and by teaching improvement teams about improvement methods and structures. I think it only makes sense to take a hands-on approach to learning; the best way to learn is by doing.

I myself first gained experience with ten years as a manager, first as a Shift Leader at Mars and then as a Maintenance Leader and Production Leader at Owens Corning. Then for two years I supervised improvement teams during the rollout of improvement programs at FrieslandCampina. During those two years I also gave leadership trainings to plant management and team leaders from various production facilities. With those activities, I was involved in the rollout of new ways of working, supervising and coaching the improvement teams. The result was to give the employees there the capabilities to pass on that knowledge to their colleagues.

That’s the best way to achieve the result you are looking for. Both now and in the future. 
Publish date 9 April 2019