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Pauline strengthens ARV Group!

"Strengthening the ongoing collaboration between operations, supply chain, and finance - that's something that really gives me a lot of energy."

It gives me a great feeling when I'm able to contribute to gaining better insight into the financial drivers of the operations / supply chain process by putting an effective approach in place. And in so doing, enhance management's ability to work together to really deliver greater added value; it's an approach where the engagement of people makes the difference.

Pauline has been an associate at ARV Group since 2019. She brings to her position 18 years of experience in finance working in the international business world and as an adviser to both individuals and teams. With that exceptional combination of skills and experience, she is well-placed to quickly grasp the essence of what is going on, and to focus on what needs to be done to achieve the desired changes. An that is the case whether she is working on the process and structural level or with te people in the organization.

Pauline studied Business Administration and Controlling at the University of Groningen and Maastricht University. She subsequently completed various training programs in the field of team and individual coaching. 

Publish date 5 December 2019