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ARV Group celebrates its 20th anniversary!

In 2020, we are very excited about a special anniversary – 20 years in business. An appropriate time to take stock of what we’ve accomplished. We are very appreciative of the trust placed in us by the many inspiring clients with whom we have concluded so many successful improvement programs. And we appreciate as well our close-knit team of professionals who, with their tremendous vision and perspective, are able to connect to our clients. And in so doing, deliver sustainable added value. We’re proud of where we now are as ARV Group. And we aspire, building on our characteristic ARV style of service, to continue to get better and better at what we do. We look forward to continuing to deliver added value to our clients over the next 20 years.

As we celebrate this anniversary, we are naturally taking a look back over the past 20 years and looking ahead as well. Our approach has always been rooted in Operations and over the years, we’ve taken on all sorts of issue in this field: from very results-oriented improvement programs in crisis situations to multi-year development projects focusing on continuous improvement, with everything in between. And then there are the assignments we’ve taken on outside the Netherlands, where cultural differences so often play a prominent role. For each and every situation we develop an appropriate approach, suitable for the local realities. To do that it is essential to take maximum advantage of the various skills and styles that we have on hand on our team.

Organizational and leadership development

We have been continually refining our approach to the point where we can work in lock step with our clients to realize the necessary changes. And in practice, that change process demands not only that we address the structures and processes, but that we are able to bring about the necessary changes in behavior and mindset as well. And to ensure ourselves of sufficient expertise in that domain we’ve created a team of Development Partners – a special group of experts on leadership, organizational development and behavioral change. These experts bring about those desired changes by optimally empowering people and allowing them to grow in their new roles and functions. They are, after all, the people who together can bring about – and persevere in – the implementation of the planned change processes and continue to identify and exploit new opportunities for improvement.

The entire production chain

In the intervening years, we’ve also gotten involved in addressing other links along the production chain, such as supply chain, quality assurance, finance, and other knowledge areas related to operations. That only makes sense, since they are inextricably linked to each other. The addition of this expertise on our team was then a logical next step in the development of ARV Group. So that more and more clients experience the added value of optimization along the entire chain, from the purchase of raw materials to the logistics of delivery to the customer. And with a vitally important role for finance and quality control.


On a track running parallel to these developments over the past 20 years within ARV Group, the importance of providing interim management in association with ARV has become increasingly apparent. We often see situations where it is desirable to bring someone from outside the client’s organization on board on a temporary basis who can supervise new processes or oversee the introduction of the first improvements, or, when particular expertise is not yet available, to engage experts on a short-term basis until the organization develops those capabilities and is able to move ahead on its own. With i4o we temporarily fulfill these roles in the areas of operations, supply chain, and finance.

Onward to 2020

We want to express our heartfelt appreciation to our clients, our relations, and our team for 20 years of close collaboration. For their commitment and trust. 20 years with many wonderful improvement initiatives that we’ve brought to fruition working together. And we look forward to the next 20 years, during which we continue to work with pleasure, together with our clients, to bring about the improvements required in order to successfully to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow. 

But first back to the here and now.
On behalf of the entire ARV Group I wish you a happy, healthy and inspiring 2020!

Bartelt Blankenberg
Managing Partner
ARV Group

Thanks for 20 years of support,
we look forward to the coming 20 years
a happy, healthy and inspiring 2020!

Publish date 11 March 2020