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Frank Spoelstra; the new addition to ARV Group

“Technology is my passion, and helping to optimize the workings of a maintenance organization is the challenge I look for again and again.”

“Improving and optimizing maintenance organizations, that’s my strength and my specialism. When it comes to maintenance costs and efficiency, there are plenty of opportunities lying in wait in the process industry. I have more than twenty years’ experience in positions including head of technical services and as maintenance manager. I also have a major passion for technology. In addition to which I’m enthusiastic, competent, motivated, to-the-point, but at the same time clear-headed, flexible and pragmatic.”

After taking his degree in mechanical engineering, Frank set up his own company. He provided advice and support for technical service departments at numerous firms in the food and non-food branch. 

In the late 1990s, he switched to various line-management positions at companies including SCA Packaging, Kemetyl, Royaan Snacks, Mitsubishi Turbochargers, Abbott Healthcare and VSI Snacks. Frank joined ARV Group as an associate partner in 2017.

Publish date 21 July 2017
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