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Jeroen Verheijen


‘Where do opportunities for improvement lie? How do you translate those opportunities in the form of strategy development and improvement projects that meet your customers' needs and reinforce your competitive position? That's where the challenge lies for me. Success is determined by hands-on implementation. That's why I mobilize people from the shop floor to the boardroom. Their experience and expertise is essential to reaching structural improvements. No one knows the organization better than the people who work in it. Their professional skill and commitment is always amazing and inspiring. It's the prime mover for improvement.’

After his studies at Wageningen Agricultural University and the Technical University at Delft, Jeroen gained experience at AkzoNobel in building factories and developing and automating processes. He is an expert in operations, with more than 25 years of experience in fast-moving consumer goods, chemicals, fibers, pharmaceuticals and coatings.

During the past 20 years, Jeroen as senior partner has provided support for some 50 large and small companies worldwide, and with his entrepreneurship has contributed to the successful development of ARV Group.

"No one knows the organization better than the people who work there." Jeroen Verheijen
Please contact Jeroen Verheijen +31 (0)6-51 24 76 26