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Maurice Heuveling

"What really gives me energy and inspiration is giving people at all levels of the organization the feeling that they really matter. The result is a process of personal development – as well as the development of their workplace and environment. It all happens by working in close cooperation with the staff to come up with good solid solutions to problems and to restore the overall health of the organization, with a culture of continuous improvement or coaching focusing on time-, change-, or project management.” 

Maurice’s emphasis on improvement is an inherent character trait. He has mastered a range of improvement philosophies. Result-oriented, but keenly aware of the fact that in making the journey towards a particular result, it is vitally important to continually embrace those concepts and ideas that suit the organization and its employees. The ideal outcome occurs when the employees are able to move ahead on their own, with the new insights they’ve gained and by taking advantage of new ways of working together in the organization that enable them to take the next step together.

Maurice has been an ARV associate since 2019. He brings 19 years of experience with him in the field of operational excellence working in various industrial sectors including food, automotive, and chemicals. He has degrees in both mechanical engineering and business administration, and welcomes the challenges he encounters across this broad spectrum.
“The journey is the reward." Maurice Heuveling
Please contact Maurice Heuveling +31 (0)6-55 11 75 22