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Refresco Durham

Dealing with dynamic 'growing pains'

For Refresco's site in Durham (U.K.) the pressure of rapidly growing demand resulted in a call for new production installations, improved waste, OEE and staffing management. This required far-reaching investments in people and systems. On the basis of ARV Group's earlier successes, Refresco's Managing Director in the U.K. asked ARV Group to perform an assessment, ultimately resulting in the fast-track implementation of a program addressing these issues. The objective: a powerful boost for Refresco Durham's growth and profitability.


  • The program was set up to achieve measurable, structural annual savings and implement a continuous improvement program
  • Controllable costs were addressed, in order to allow an annual rise in productivity
  • Concrete steps were taken in terms of waste management and process standardization
  • Concrete measures were established for diagnosing the organization and activating and training personnel, as well as for improving communication and cooperation on, with and the working floor

Concrete results:

  • OEE on production lines boosted by more than 50%
  • Significant overall waste reduction
  • Performance management system firmly in place
  • Substantial first-year savings that surpassed stretch case
  • Results-oriented implementation completed within nine months
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"Within a short period, ARV Group helped us to boost our efficiency and effectiveness to higher levels, additionally helping our team develop their capabilities. And the improvements are ongoing. Best practice work processes and straightforward communication now let us stay on top of demand and go for further growth."
Robert Tomsa, Operations Manager