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Profiting from a good, hard look at the organization

Managing Director Rimmer Wolters contacted ARV Group, saying that the Dutch site for the manufacturing and distribution of the Elisa and Nasba diagnostic product was showing insufficient profitability; communication barriers existed between many departments, too much stock was being carried and lead times to delivery were out of control.


  • A participative model, involving people from all layers of the organization
  • Shift made from functional departments to a product-group organization
  • A significant reduction of the complexity of control, while maintaining the flexibility to respond to market demand
  • A 180-degree turn in focus without hampering daily operations
  • The implementation of a team-driven, process-oriented organizational structure, making best use of existing human resource capacities
  • An efficiency plan that significantly improved purchasing leverage while safeguarding quality, and which increased customer-mindedness, cut waste and better managed such local services as building maintenance, utilities, canteen and laboratories

Concrete results:

  • A 20% reduction in stocks
  • A 30% improvement in productivity
  • A 20% reduction in the cost of product transfer from R&D
  • Shorter lead times to delivery
  • Total savings of €3 million
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"ARV Group managed to let people in our organization bring to live improvement proposals in a natural way, and to focus on the issues that produced the results. By implementing this responsive organization, we have been able to anticipate the changes of the future."
Rimmert Wolters, Managing Director