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Successfully cutting maintenance costs

Suiker Unie contacted ARV Group for support in implementing a maintenance improvement program. During the assessment, the current maintenance performance was made transparent on the basis of factual input from the people directly involved.


  • Three major points of improvement:
  1. Tailoring maintenance to production needs (RCM), 
  2. Increasing working efficiency (by optimizing workflow and increasing employee motivation)
  3. Improving the purchasing of materials and services, enabling them to reduce their maintenance costs substantially while still safeguarding their production performance.
  • Local management challenged to take the lead.
  • Crucial: the successful involvement of and commitment from all layers of the maintenance organization.
  • Major challenge: changing the focus of the maintenance organization and its people.

Concrete results:

  • Successful shift in maintenance from technical-oriented department to service provider for production,
  • Circa 30% reduction in maintenance costs,
  • Continuous-improvement capability embedded and safeguarded.
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When you have been carrying out maintenance in the same way for 20 years, it's good to have an external specialist provide new impulses.
Edward Dorst, Program Manager