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Attero B&M

Learning and savings go hand-in-hand

When Attero went public in 2009, a trend was already being seen towards lower compensation for waste-processing and sector-wide surplus in production capacity. Faced with stiffer competition and tighter margins, the B&M division recognized the need to involve the entire organization in generating and implementing lasting improvements and cost reductions. 


  • The setting up of a new performance management system and coaching key players within the organization.
  • Analyzing and providing structure for ideas in a practical, factual way, and helping to translate them into cohesive and coherent implementation plans.
  • Implementation of the new performance managementsystem, including clear responsibility for task, dashboards, monthly steering committees and regular consultations between division management and the project managers.
  • Our colleagues at Ontwikkelingspartners helped B&M staff and employees "on the job" with the process of learning to convert more abstract project plans into a coordinated and concrete implementation process and to develop the necessary competences.

Concrete results:

  • Original base-case savings targets surpassed by almost 50%
  • Culture change in motion towards consistent, project-based approach and continuous improvement
  • Performance Management system and lasting improvements firmly in place

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The great thing about the program was how it showed that improved results and training in target-oriented working methods go hand-in-hand. The program was made to order, and a true case of "on-the-job training".
Emile Mastenbroek, Managing Director Attero B&M