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Attero Energy & Services Nederland

Performance management built into the company 'DNA'

Attero's operating results were under pressure from overcapacity on the waste-energy conversion market and reduced waste volumes at the municipal level. Attero was faced with the need to achieve substantial structural savings while generating optimal cash flow for a number of strategic projects. Management also recognized that the recent internal changes provided a natural starting point for anchoring continuous improvement and best practices with the organization.


  • Relevant line managers directly involved in the development process. 
  • Those line managers assume and maintain responsibility for presenting their results in monthly reporting to a division-wide steering committee, including Attero Finance & Control plant management and ARV Group consultants.
  • Result-oriented thinking, a new reporting structure and a renewed focus on lasting improvement in the organization stimulated and implemented.
  • A new performance management system – making use of existing and standardized tools – fully integrated and bearing fruit within the project.
  • Attero people apply new performance management system to projects outside the original horizons of the business case.

Concrete results:

  • Proces-efficiency savings of € 7 million
  • Maintenance program resulted in savings of € 2.6 million
  • Shutdown organization economies of € 1.6 million
  • Savings through improved facilities management of € 0.9 million
  • Performance management system anchored within the organization
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ARV Group helped us to implement performance management in a way that changed it from a tool into part of our organization's DNA. The improvements seen in the last year are only the start of an ongoing process.
Wilfred de Jager, Program Manager