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Smilde Foods

New structures to meet a new organizational challenge

Smilde Foods operates in a price-driven market characterized by seasonal overcapacity, and the integration of two major locations presented them with several challenges: how to provide the structure needed to boost profitability and make best use of the investments made pending the move? How to quantify and monitor efficient operations after such a huge shift in the company's manufacturing footprint? And how to ensure the proper, results-oriented development of operators and other key figures?


  • Facts-based operational planning and feedback integrated into company culture
  • Continuous improvement process back on track after plant merger
  • Organizational and personal development, daily control system up and running

Concrete results: 

  • Target exceeded
  • Change in working culture with emphasis on fact-based, results-oriented operations
  • Savings exceeded the original target by more than 20%
  • ARV Group provided a period of aftercare, in which it monitored developments and provided background support, including an ongoing role in human resources development

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The role in organizational and professional development played by ARV Group after the plant merger was decisive in getting our operations on the right track and meeting and beating the original saving targets. They also helped us to obtain and maintain crucial information that was lacking at that point.
Henri Wolters, Interim Manager Operations