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Maintenance costs and processes received a major overhaul

The request: perform a thorough analysis of Shin-Etsu's maintenance organization and processes and pinpoint potential improvements across the board. Maintenance costs had to be reduced significantly in the short-to-medium-term, without compromising on delivery reliability, quality or health, safety & environment.


  • Identify Key Performance Indicators in areas such as outsourcing, maintenance concepts, technician efficiency, gatekeeping and purchasing.
  • The ‘quick-win’ objective was to eliminate the greatest losses and to generate flow.
  • At the core of the new approach was the shift from "firefighting mode" to proactive planning.
  • The adaptation of existing concepts to arrive at lowest maintenance costs and the channeling and assessment of maintenance requests from both production and technical services.
  • Clear operational and program goals agreed upon. 
  • Setting up of system for (daily) consultation concerning deviation from norms and steps to correct those.

Concrete results:

  • Average projected double-digit reduction of maintenance costs over four-year period,
  • 90% of which achieved in first two years,
  • Maintenance process performance improved,
  • Performance management systeem integrated and bearing fruit.
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With the help of ARV Group, we are going to meet our maintenance process improvement and cost-reduction targets for the next four years. And the changes implemented within our maintenance organization will be of benefit to the company for much longer than that.
Ronald Raben, Maintenance Manager